Cloth Chapel

2010 _ Undergraduate Studio

Front Entry (2).jpg

This interfaith chapel is an investigation of spaces that invite, support and honour sacred rituals.  The Cloth Chapel explores how textile making could serve as a unifying activity for various faith groups in Cambridge, ON.  The practice of knitting, weaving, and quilting serve as focal points for community relations, and inform the building’s aesthetics and form. 

          DSC_0042   Cloth Chapel 03   IMG_0140

Weaving patterns provided inspiration for the brick and paver coursing.  A large chapel space is paralleled by a courtyard of equal size, each providing opportunities for gathering and crafting.  The roofscape and surrounding landscape are used for growing various plants for fibre and dyes.

Plan 1-100.jpg

Roof Garden   Courtyard 01

Elevation North.jpg

Elevation West.jpg



Chapel Corridor    Chapel 02-2




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