Calling all Molluskans! Established in 2022, The Sticky Snail Slow Bar (SSSB) is coming back to leave some sludge in your cup. Our Mollusk Martinis are legendary, and our Bloody Clams will cure what ails ya! This year we’re giving our shabby tarp-over-folding-table a major glow-up.

The new and improved SSSB features:

  • a larger ‘shell’ that offers more room for elbows at the bar
  • an overhang to shelter guests while they mooch our hooch
  • night lighting
  • our chief of foreign affairs, Sally Snail (some say she’s a puppet politician, but we haven’t found any evidence)
  • bureaucracy*
  • an even stickier bartop**

* Visitors to the Mollusk Nation may apply for Permanent Resident status at the Mollusk Nation’s Embassy to obtain bar privileges. Applicants will be tested on their knowledge of mollusks and mollusk-lore. Visa and PR status may be revoked at any point by a member of the Mollusk Nation. An appeals process is available for those looking to dispute decisions made by members of the Mollusk Nation.
** The Mollusk Nation may not be held liable, accountable or responsible for any stains or snail trails that may occur during time spent within national borders.

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