The Whale Show

2011 _  Entangled Puppetry


Entangled Puppetry began as a collaboration with artist Tangle Caron while living in Victoria, British Columbia.  We spent 3 months researching and creating puppet shows for an international folk tale series.

After our first week’s show, we realized we would need assistance in meeting our production schedule and recruited volunteers.  ‘Puppet Sweatshop’ brought together friends, lovers, strangers and neighbours.  Together, we worked diligently to turn armfuls of driftwood, piles of cardboard, and endless egg cartons into the enlivened characters and sets for our tales.  Word spread, and Puppet Sweatshop became a beloved tradition, fuelled with wine by the boxful.

Our motto:

Puppet Sweatshop – choose your vices.


The open-ended community art project produced the colourful characters, props, and sets for each show.  The works accumulated bear the creative mark of dozens of individuals.

Pictured here are images from The Whale Show, a myth that tells how the rains first came to fall on the west coast.  The show was created and performed for the Whale Festival in Ucluelet, British Columbia.









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